Welcome to S.C.A.

 Any Aussie cyclist will be able to tell you a story or two when it comes to close calls. This project would like to see the cyclists of the future with less stories to tell rather than more. But we need your help for that to happen. Safe Cycling Australia is all about us reclaiming space on Australia's roads.

The aim of this site since 2009 had been to enlist your support in lobbying the State and Federal Government's for a Minimum Safe Passing Distance rule of at least 1m to be enshrined in law. Now over 5 years later and thanks to the feeorts of so may, Queensland is set to trial a new two year Split Rule. 1m up to 60kph, and 1.5m over 60kph.

It is our hope hope that with your support, we can expect a real chance of being heard by our pollies interstate as well, and get the national change we all need to be able to reclaim and own our space on the roads we all pay for, now, and into the future.

Thankyou for helping us

Video footage may now be used as evidence by the Queensland Police. As a result cyclists are going nuts buying All the cameras. Think about what you're doing because...


 Queensland, Get ready to stay wider of the rider.

1m < 60kph, 1.5m >60kph 

Get caught, pay $300. Dispute it and risk $4,400!

 Thankyou to everyone for helping Safe Cycling Australia get this started and getting it finished, and for everyone who helped to ensure that it worked! 

Now let's make sure we can make it perminant so we can get more people on bikes and getting more out of life!

What we'll be doing for you. 

*We will continue our push for the SCA Split 1m/1.5m Minimum Safe passing Distance Rule to be accepted nationally. This is the reason we came into being and as such we will never stop working towards ensuring you have enough elbow room on the road. 

*We will be encouraging all of you unfortunate enough to be involved in traffic incidents to the Police, even if you're not hurt.  Chances are the neanderthal in question has been reported before. Forget the stories you hear about the coppers not caring too much about your close calls and run-in's. They're becoming as concerned as you are. We will also help to put you in touch with those who can help you get back on your feet if you need it.

We need to tell our politicians what they can do order for us to effect change for the better for us. Our Governments base their decisions on numbers, graphs and charts. If we don't report those things which affect us most, we can't give the politicians the statistics they need to impliment policies that will save lives. It simply can't be justifed by them or the bean counters.

So, in 2013 and into 2014 we're asking you to:

1) Report anything which you think places you in harms way. The driver that just pelted you with eggs may actually hurt someone next time.

2) Encourage anyone you know to do the same, and please provide them with some moral support if they need it. 

3) Get friendly with the Police, don't think negatively about any interactions. They are there to help keep us safe.

4) Buy a video camera. We all know they never lie. They also capture some very special cycling moments which comes in handy.

5) Acknowledge good driving by flicking the wave. You have no idea how much you can brighten a grumpy motorist's day by this giving one very simple thankyou.

6) Ride right. Red means stop, Green means go, and as much as you may loathe your helmet, wear it. The less the Police have to police us, the more time they can devote to policing everyone else.

We're proud to be involved in Cycling Brisbane with the support of 

Important Update! 


It's our special little hashtag. Like it? It's not just a catchy phrase, it's our mantra here at SCA. If you tweet us or anyone with a cycling safety issue, use it to get our attention, or help us spread the word.


Oh and if you can't safely overtake one of us by 1.5 metres at speeds over 60kph, DON'T overtake us at all. Nobody wants to live with the consequences!

Bike lanes and the risk of dooring. 

We all know that car dooring's can seriously injure and kill cyclists. Unfortunately even though bike lanes are supposed to be installed to a national standard, many of us are finding that they are at times putting cyclists lives at risk due to poor design and placement, especially in the "door" zone. 

We've decided to do something about it. We will be offering these transparent car door mirror decals for $2 early next year in an attempt to prevent the inevitable happening. Put one on your drivers and rear view mirrors, your partners', and offer them to your mates and family members.

We would hope that the RACQ etc and or our State Governments can support any such initiatives, as such a simple idea will save lives in the future.

SCA has now been optimised for Smart Phones, so we're with you where ever you go. Whether you like it or not. 

 While you're here, please take some time to visit these websites. We love them because they've supported us and safer cycling in Australia