Regardless of whether or not either driver is insured, or whose fault it was, getting a quote is the first step that you need to take.
A quote is a written statement, made by a mechanic or panel beater, of the damage done and the amount that it will cost for your vehicle to be fixed. A quote should be obtained as soon as possible after the accident. Take your damaged vehicle to a 

mechanic or panel beater, who will inspect it and write out a quote. Getting a quote should not cost you anything. You only have to get one quote. But you also have to show that this quote is reasonable and fair. The best way to do this is to get two independent quotes. The lesser of the two amounts is the one you can claim


There are a few template letters here, the short versions for online submissions such as to companies and government departments and the longer detailed version normally for use with the police.  Please copy and paste from any sections of any of the templates to create something you feel comfortable with.



 I was involved in an incident with one of your employees on / at approximately am/pm, at , as I was commuting to work on my bicycle. The driver .

 Quite clearly, this type of driving, in addition to being dangerous and illegal, tends to compromise the marketing benefits of the rather expensive paint job on your van.

 I am considering complaining to the police about this incident. As I didn’t capture the number plate, I may refer them to you for that information.

 You can view the footage at:

 I’d appreciate your assistance in encouraging your employees to recognise that other people who share the roads with them have a right to do so without having their safety (deliberately) threatened.

Kind regards,


  • Descriptions/Informal Statement; and
  • CD with video evidence of the incident.

[With video evidence do not embellish it or add commentary to it for submitting it as evidence, this will play against you particularly if it goes to court.  At most all I do is add a banner advising what camera is in use ie Front, Rear, Helmet and when in slow motion, add the tag “Slo Mo” so that it is clear the video has been altered.  If the video is altered too much in post editing, it may place doubt over the veracity of the information.]



On — at approximately am/pm, at , I passed a driver from your company on the phone. The driver was .

Phone driving is as dangerous as drink driving, regardless of whether the phone is hand held or handsfree. The populist Mythbusters confirms this, but there are a number of rigorous scientific studies confirming this.

The driver was for the purposes of identification, and although the video doesn’t clearly show the phone, I was in no doubt whatsoever that the driver was on the phone. I do appreciate the potential consequences to the employee of reporting this sort of behaviour, so I try very hard to be careful and discard any instances where there’s any doubt in my mind.

 [This parapraph should be used if you have made only a few complaints to the company.]

The video may be found on YouTube.com by searching for the vehicle registration, , or for “

“. This is only the driver I’ve reported in years, a good indication of how very good your drivers generally are, given that I cycle some kilometres per year and thus encounter many drivers.

[This parapraph should be used if you have made many complaints to the company and you feel the complaints are being ignored or going unanswered.]

The video may be found on YouTube.com by searching for the vehicle registration, , or for “

“. This is the driver I’ve reported in years.  I am becoming concerned as there could be a habitual issue here that needs to be addressed more urgently than what I feel is being done now.

Could someone please get back to me via email confirming receipt of this message and that some affirmative action has been taken on this and previous incidents I have reported? I’d also like to know corporate policy on the use of handheld and hands free phones.

Best regards,



Dear Sir/Madam, [if you know their name use it instead]

I am writing to you because of an incident that occurred to me on

at approximately am/pm.

[edit the following paragraph as required to reflect your situation if you feel it needs to be changed]

Whilst I was not injured, no property was damaged and there was no contact made between myself and the offender in this case, the incident was dangerous enough for me to be in fear of my own personal safety.  I am fearful that this offender may cause myself or others harm in the future if their behaviour is allowed to remain unchecked.  This is akin to speeding offences where in most cases the offender when caught was not or has not injured anyone, no property was damaged and no accident has occurred, but they are penalised for what may occur if their speeding is allowed to remain unchecked.  In my case the offence was immediately life threatening to me and the driver needs to be made aware of the seriousness of their behaviour towards other road users.  Next time it could result in an injury, property damage, an accident or worse a fatality.

You may be thinking at this point that there is nothing you can do for me, however there is.  Because this type of situation is becoming all too common, cyclists like myself have resorted to using Digital Video Cameras (DVRs) as a means of giving ourselves the evidence necessary to capture life threatening behaviour of motorists.  With this evidence that I have enclosed for you on a CD, there is no reason for you not to be able to take action against the offender including the issuing of Traffic Infringement Notices and possibly even criminal charges.

I realise that the police are very busy which is why I am writing to you.  This will allow you to consider this matter fully and determine the action you will be taking against the offender before contacting me for formal statements.

I trust that you will take my letter seriously as the seriousness of this for me is that my wife/husband/partner, children and family do not want to have to visit me in hospital recovering from injuries sustained from a poorly behaved and ignorant driver, or possibly worse.

All I ask is that I be allowed to be able to cycle legally, safely and without fear of personal injury to myself by others.

I await your favourable reply.

Yours sincerely